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Our village hall is one of our prized possessions.  It is great!  Probably every village resident uses it many times each year. Many use it weekly. It was built in 1997 and is consequently modern in style and well maintained.Click to enlarge 

It is well used for many and varied activities both indoor and outdoor.

Architect designed for the plot and to maximise its flexibility of use it has been enthusiastically used by our village. Dancing, meals, meetings, elections, bridge, whist drives, lectures, concerts (indoor and outdoor) - it handles the lot !

It has a large room and a committee room each available either separately or together and a kitchen. The main building is centrally heated via under floor heating and is always warm.

If you are not familiar with our hall we suggest you go to our specification page  for full details.

The basic cost of hiring the main hall is £12 per hour. This includes limited access to the kitchen. However, for full use of the kitchen's extensive cooking facilities an extra fee of £12 is requested. (A Covid charge for consumables of £10 is active Summer 2021) 

For Large weekend events a charge of £300 is made. This covers Friday eveninbg set up, all day Saturday and Sunday Morning clearaway.

Should you want to book it for your function use the booking form link below or telephone the hall hire secretary on 01584 861849 (alternative - hall chairperson 01584 861468)

   The committee room is availClick on any picture to enlarge itable for a total fee of £12 for the session.

   A few sundries (i.e. table cloth laundering) may cost extra. 


   For those of you travelling from the nether regions to our hall using a

   Sat Nav  -  plug in SY8 2DA.

   The pictures below show the Lunch Club preparations

   for the 2009 Christmas Lunch. 


   If you should see anyone damaging the Hall or acting suspiciously, please immediately ring CrimeStoppers on  0800 555 111. This is a completely anonymous service and you will not be asked for any personal details.

Hall view facing north

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Here is the full specification of the  Culmington Village Hall


  • We have a manicured lawn suitable for a garden party or a childrens' play area. There are many plastic chairs available for outside use and two permanent picnic tables. Trestle tables are available that can also be used outside. Access onto the lawns is from the main hall and the car park.

  • Car parking is available for about 40 cars on hard standing.

  • Closed circuit recording cameras are in operation full time.  If your car gets bumped we'll know who did it but we are not responsible for it!


1.  The Entrance hall:

  • The entrance hall is large and will accommodate two or three tables with chairs to facilitate any ticket entry controls and raffle sales.

  • Access to the main hall, kitchen, committee room and toilets is from here.

2. The main hall:

  • The main hall is 12½ metres long by 7½ metres wide. Its height at the roof apex is 4½ metres. However pendant lights are only 2½ metres above the floor.

  • It has full width patio doors at the garden end facilitating exit into the garden. There are two sets of patio doors at the side also emerging onto our lawns.

  • Timber doors give access to a store room which can be set up as a temporary bar area.  Check with the bookings secretary about licensing rules.

  • There is a large hatch giving a through service from the kitchen.

  • The floor is a polished timber suitable for all activities.

  • It is well lit (controllable if you want less light), and all windows are curtained.

  • The hall is licensed to hold 90 people sitting in rows (cinema style).

  • We have a radio-microphone and amplification system (with an induction loop for hearing aids). The system will also play CDs.

3. The store  room:

  • This contains seven large round tables that will comfortably seat twelve people for a meal. We can supply table cloths for these but will charge £5 laundering for each cloth.

  • We also have twelve long trestle tables (bring your own tablecloths or white paper) each one comfortably seating eight, assuming their ends are not joined to others.

  • For seating we have 100 very comfortable, deeply upholstered, dining chairs which are also used for general seating.

4. The kitchen:

  • This measures 3½ x 5 metres with serving hatches that open out into the main hall and the committee room.

  • Equipment levels are good. We have:

2 large ranges with large grills and ovens
1 large hot water boiler

2 kettles
2 sinks and draining boards
2 large working surfaces at each hatch

Cutlery and crockery for about 100 diners

Dishwasher (please request if available - charge payable)

Large extractor fan
Wine glasses (about 150)

Cutlery and sundry other kitchen utensils

Tes Towels should be laundered and returned if used

5. The committee room:

  • This measures 4½ x 3½ metres and has a round table that can seat ten. This can be removed to allow seating for up to 15 people.

  • A serving hatch links to the kitchen.

  • This room can be hired separately from the main hall if required.

6. Optional extras:

  • A table-top Yamaha electric keyboard.

The important bit - Hire Fees !

  • £12 per hour gets you the main hall and limited kitchen facilities.
  • Full  kitchen facilities (excluding the dishwasher) costs you a single fee of £12 on top of the total  hall hire fee.
  • Use of the dishwasher is negotiable with our hall secretary.
  • The Committee room costs £12 for the evening. Book it via our hall hire secretary.
  • Tablecloths for large tables cost a £7 laundering fee for each cloth.
  • Please leave the hall as nice as you found it. Breakages and the need for extra cleaning is chargeable. 


Culmington Village Hall Ludlow SY8 2DA