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Lunch Club

Culmington Lunch Club - Village hall


  • There is annual membership fee of £1

  • Each two course lunch costs £6.00

  • The menu is fixed - but always tasty!

  • Wine is available for an additional £2.50 per glass.

  • We meet and eat on the 3rd Wednesday of each month except July, August and September when there is no meeting. The Christmas lunch is always the second Wednesday of December.

  • Doors open at 12 noon for a 1:00 p.m. serving time.



If you wish to book yourself into our Lunch Club you should phone our Lunch Club Secretary on  01584 861666.

At each lunch a tick list circulates as a means of booking into the following month's lunch. If you do not attend, and are consequently not able to tick this booking list, you are assumed to be unable to attend the following month's lunch. You will consequently need to contact the Lunch Club Secretary to subsequently book in to the next lunch.