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All Saints Church

Culmington’s All Saints Church is a gem – one of the oldest churches in Shropshire.

Without doubt it is the most distinctive church in Shropshire with its aluminium spire placed where normally a conventional stone steeple would be.

It is open all day every day for both simple visits and those who seek private prayer. The entrance to the church and churchyard is at the point where the village road bends sharply and is between the large farmhouse and the farm buildings. The church and approach access is wheelchair friendly.

We can seat comfortably about one hundred people. More  if one "sits familiar" !
For details of  our service times and types see our local magazine "Ripples" published monthly or the Church Notice Boards.

 Enquiries about baptisms, weddings, funerals etc for Culmington should be made to the

           Corvedale Group of Parishes at

Revd. John Beesley

St Michael's Rectory


Craven Arms SY7 9EU

01584 841488

[email protected]