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Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings

  • Culmington:
    • Tudor Lodge
    • Barn to the north west of Culmington Farm
    • Culmington Farmhouse
    • Prince Phillimore School
    • All Saints Church
    • Headstone To Robert Williams in the All Saints churchyard
  • Flounders Folly
  • Elsich Manor
  • Burley:
    • Burley Farmhouse
    • Barns North of Burley Farmhouse
    • The Old Cottage
    • The Tower House
  • Langley:
    • Langley Villa
    • Langley
  • Seifton:
    • Seifton Court - Seifton Lane
    • Barn to the north of Seifton Farm - Seifton Lane
    • Seifton House



Ordinance Survey Archaeological Sites


Map references for:-
Landranger 137
or Explorer 217                             



4602 8162 - Protected burial ground from the battle of Stokesay in 1645

4707 8203 - Barbed and tanged flint arrowhead found here in 1912.

4937 8196 - Saxon carving and masonry in the church.

4590 8360 - Site of old chapel. Identified by earth shapes.

4855 8315 - Site of a deserted village. Earth shapes more distinct.

4840 8330 - Better example of  the deserted village remains.


4670 8390
4695 8368

4690 8408 - Crop marks evidencing an enclosure system and the probable existence of an Iron Age settlement.
4690 8405
4915 8139


4880 8120 - Cropmarks evidencing an enclosure of  285m. x 200m.

4912 8121 - Cropmarks evidencing an enclosure of  95m. x 135m.

4593 8472 - Cropmarks of a more recent date suggesting an enclosure or pound

4790 8130 - Very good earthworks. Building materials also visible on the ground, probably waste from an early quarry identified nearby. Some house platforms are also visible.

4830 8310 - Site of old Seifton chapel.



The above map references  are 8 digit references instead of the more normal 6 digit references. The last digit in each group of four can give you greater accuracy. However they are difficult to plot - even on the Explorer map scale. We suggest you drop the fourth digit in each group and at worst you can only be a hundred yards out!


 And while you're at it, check out the Roman Road that passes through Culmington by clicking  here.