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A walk to the pub !


Round trip (excluding pub and other stops) 80 minutes
Overall distance (out & back) 4 miles (6.5k.)
O.S. Maps Landranger 137, or  Explorer 217
Car park grid reference SO 493821
Park your car and start from
Roadside, near the post box in

Culmington village


This is the walk that Culmington "locals" use to get to the pub!  It is mainly across fields with small amounts of tarmac at each end. Dogs are welcome in the pub. However, along with humans wearing muddy boots, dogs are only allowed in the bar area and not in the lounge. Use the pub entrance facing you as you cross the road. The beer is brewed on the premises and for further details visit the Sun Inn web site.

The walk is very easy with no climb. It can be done in the dark without a torch provided there is no heavy cloud. A good moon makes it spectacular!

After heavy rain the ground can get soft in some places.


Section Narrative

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130 Set off in a northerly direction along the village road (with your back leaning against the post box, north is towards your left).   120
150 The first decision point is where the road curves off to the left with an option of going straight ahead over the "Give Way" white line. Take this option. A hedge accompanies you on your right.   140
880 Very shortly the road curves round to the right (where the houses end) to reveal a long straight section of road. Proceed along this road. You should be viewing fields on your left and pass an old farm building on your right. Stay on the road as it curves to the right just near a pond by the trees on your left.   800
30 At the "Sparchford" T junction turn left past the camp site.   85
60 At the camp site entrance continue on the road as it bends right.
200 Shortly you will come to where the road bends left just in front of an industrial building on the right. Take this left turn bearing in mind it is a private road with public access. Follow the tarmac as it further bends right.   180
220 After about two hundred yards, and immediately before the road runs into a private dwelling, there is a small gate on your right allowing foot access into a field. Go through this gate immediately turning left to follow an obvious deep ditch on your left.    200
700 Continue in this direction keeping the fields on your right and the hedge on your left. You will pass through a gate across your route with an animal trough on its right. A second gate is negotiated after several minutes. Please ensure all gates are closed after you pass through them.   480
400 Still following the hedge on your left, you will pass a pond on your right. In a dry summer the pond is also dry but its location remains obvious.  Continue following the track to Christmas Cross.   500
460 You can identify Christmas Cross by the presence of a stile on your right (ignore it) here the track bends left. This particular bend is generally soft where residual water is slow to drain. Follow it leftwards.  In a while, this path becomes a more obvious farm vehicle track as it briefly curves rightward before immediately resuming its original direction (a sort of double bend). Keep with this obvious track. Still following the track you will eventually pass a large house on your right as the track becomes more tree-lined.   460
420 You are now about to pass through the hamlet of Corfton. Civilisation is identified by a cottage facing you as the track becomes metalled and curves left. Follow the left curve and keep going past a handful of houses. Do not turn right up the cul-de-sac. Then, shortly after the last house, you will emerge onto the main road that drives through the Corvedale. There facing you is the pub! Take care crossing the road - it is unrestricted and consequently traffic is fast. If you have a dog please put it on a lead before reaching this point!


3,650 The return journey is back the way you came. However, depending upon your food and/or liquid intake, it may take a bit longer to return !    3355