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Footpaths Group for Culmington Parish.

Culmington Footpaths

The Parish Council have received a few complaints that some of our local footpath stiles are in need of repair. To this end,  the council would like to form a team of volunteers to undertake footpath maintenance. It would meet on a regular basis with the objective of keeping our footpaths and stiles comfortably accessible to all users

Largely speaking the group would be physically involved in the maintenance of stiles, signposts and general clearance work along our pathways. Naturally you do not have to be a member of the Footpaths Group to report any parish footpath you find that needs a bit of attention. Just send an email reporting the problem and identifying its location. Grid references are useful as well as a location description.

Jeff Williams has restarted the group with monthly walks in the week locally, checking Footpaths, and weekend around the District.

If you would like to join him please contact via email at



Archive Material:-

There are many walks starting from the village. We will slowly build up a collection of them here. Those already documented can be printed off to give you a guide to read en route

Photographs (worth a thousand words) will hopefully be a feature of many of the walks to help out at decision points!

If you've done a walk in our parish and found that in places a stile needs a bit of T.L.C. then please let the Group Know.

As general rule for any walk you undertake, we recommend for your own safety, you wear walking boots and suitable clothing.  Additionally, you should carry the relevant O.S map,  a compass,  a small first aid kit, a whistle  and another human being!