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14th July 2020

The Post Office is due to close at the end of August 2020. Bromfield Parish Council have arranged a meeting for  14th July at 6.30 via zoom  https://bit.ly/BromfieldPO and is open to the public.

13th July 2020

I am writing to inform you that Shropshire Highways will be carrying out carriageway works on behalf of Shropshire Council in your area.

The work includes carriageway prep work and surface dressing under a road closure. This process forms part of the council’s preventative maintenance plan to prolong the life of the highway and ensures that the road does not degrade prematurely.

The work locations are shown on the attached plans.

We plan to carry out this work between the following dates and times

Site 41 - B4365 PEDLARS REST TO CLAY LANE JUNCTION- 18/07/2020 - 24/07/2020 between the hours of 09:30AM-16:00PM

Site 41 - B4365 FROM CLAY LANE JUNCTION TO START OF 40MPH CULMINGTON- 18/07/2020 - 24/07/2020 between the hours of 09:30AM-16:00PM

Site 41 - B4365 CULMINGTON URBAN SECT OAKDENE SOUTH TO 60MPH - 18/07/2020 - 24/07/2020 between the hours of 09:30AM-16:00PM

*Some dates may vary due to weather conditions and the nature of the work.

If you have any questions, please contact Shropshire Council Customer Service Desk for more information.





Please find enclosed details of a temporary road closure:

Road Closure:  B4368, Aston Munslow to Munslow

Start Date: 12th July 2020

End Date: 18th July 2020

Purpose: Site 40 Safe Start Surface Dressing

Works Promoter:   Kier on behalf of Shropshire Council

Works Promoter Ref: UJ216SFST-000103

You can view the closure and diversion route by clicking here:  https://one.network/?tm=117774925

Should you have any queries regarding this closure, please call Customer Services on 0345 6789006, or contact the Street Works Team on streetworks@shropshire.gov.uk.

4th July 2020

If you wish to join the zoom meeting at 7pm on 7th July as a member of the public please email the clerk who will then send you a link to the meeting.  The clerk's email is culmingtonpc@gmail.com

25th June 2020

Culmington Parish Council will hold a meeting at 7pm on 7th July. The agenda will be brief and the meeting may be held at the Village hall or held via Zoom depending upon government direction. If it is held via Zoom members of the public will be able to attend the meeting virtually and make comment on items on the agenda during the public section at the beginning of the meeting.  Information about how to access the meeting on Zoom will be available on this website when the agenda is published 3 working days before the meeting.


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