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A walk to the Culmington Camp Ring



Round trip (excluding stops) 20 minutes
Overall distance (out & back)

¾ mile (1.2k.)

O.S. Maps Landranger 137, or  Explorer 217
Car park grid reference SO 493821
Park your car

Roadside, near the post box in Culmington village


This is the walk that takes you to the first human settlement in Culmington.

Culmington 'Castle' is a small earthwork motte and bailey fortress. The low motte is surrounded by a wet ditch, with the remains of the rampart and ditch outlining the bailey. It is a scheduled monument protected by law.

The walk is very easy with no climb. After heavy rain the ground can get soft in some places. Livestock may join you on your walk, take care and be considerate.

Section Narrative

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55 With your back leaning against the post box set off across the road in front of you at an angle of about 45 degrees leftward into the paved forecourt of Culmington Court. From there, in front of you, a stile is visible about 25 yards from the road you have just crossed. Climb over it.   50
60 From the other side of the stile you will see about 20 yards away a galvanised farm gate. Go through it and head towards, and then cross, the gated bridge over the river Corve.     55
280 You must then cross the field the bridge leads into. The footpath goes across it at the angle indicated by the footpath sign as you leave the bridge. A small gap in the hedge is where the stile you are aiming for is positioned. A much wider gap is more obvious a little further left. Climb the stile.